Friday, August 10, 2012

Flu and OBGYN appointment

So things are going relatively well, excepting the fact that I’m at home sick with the flu right now.  Have had a terrible cough since Tuesday, off work since yesterday and not going back till Monday unless I have some miracle sleep tonight which gets me well again.  The cough has been the worst part – not being able to breathe halfway through hacking up a lung isn’t fun, along with feeling like I’m going to crack a rib.  I also hate the sinus and headaches that comes with it.  Urgh.

I had my Gluten Tolerance Test (GTT) and blood tests for rubella, Vit D, Hep B & C, syphillis, etc. and they all came back fine except I’m a little Vitamin D deficient (surprise surprise – I’m pregnant over winter in Tasmania, the least sunny of all places in Australia) and also iron deficient, so a strong vitamin regime has commenced and I’m otherwise feeling okay.

 Had an appointment with my OBGYN yesterday, bub’s going well, very active little girl who wouldn’t keep still for him to get a good look at, but he confirmed again she’s definitely a girl.  I’ll have them check again at my 30 week scan on the 10th September too, just to be sure! Also he confirmed that my placenta has moved out of the way of the cervix, which was concerning me slightly as it was covering it a little at the last scan, but it’s a good 3-4cm out of the way now, which means no c-section unless bub doesn’t turn or in case of emergency, which is positive.

Everything else is going well – I’m feeling pretty good in general and looking forward to meeting the Karate Kid who is living rent-free in my belly right now!

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