Wednesday, November 21, 2012

40 Weeks, 6 Days

Tomorrow I will be 41 weeks pregnant.

I really had hoped that our little girl would have made her way into the world by now.  I know, I know - due dates are only a guide and babies can be born 2 weeks either side of that date, etc. etc.

I guess being that for the past 9 months, all I've been able to think about is having a baby, and now that it's finally here and the build-up has come to a peak and it's all very exciting, all I want is to be holding her in my arms and cuddling her and being a little family.  I said, after my stint in hospital, that she'd either come early or, more likely, keep us waiting after everything we've been through.  The latter seems to have been proven! 

And it makes it more difficult when people keep saying "Just relax, let go, it'll be fine, she'll make it here"  - like I said, for the last 9 months this pregnancy has been my life, all I can think about, and now that the time has finally arrived, it's hard to just let that go and let be what will be.

I have "ideals" for my birthing experience, and while I know the world (particularly unpredictables like giving birth) does not run to ideals but will run how it will run, it would be nice to know that at least some of my wishes could be granted.  For example, being able to have a water birth.  If I have to be induced (I'm scheduled in for induction on Monday 26th should she not arrive by herself by then), then chances of my being able to have a water birth are reduced.  And induction runs the risk of a cascade of interference - firstly they'll try gel, then they'll try breaking my waters if that doesn't work, and then an IV of pitocin, and finally there's the possibility of being taken in for an emergency C-Section.  Each of those steps takes me further and further from my "ideal" experience.

I know that I should just be grateful for the chance to have a baby at all - that she's healthy and grows well and all that - and trust me, I am.  It would, however, be nice to have it all run to a natural beat, rather than a medical one.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

38 Weeks Update

Lack of updates, sorry guys.  Have been busy with finishing up at work and other commitments!
Weight Gain: Total of around 8kg, after initial loss of 7kg.

Innie or Outtie: Still rockin' the innie - don't think it'll pop :P

Maternity Clothes: Pants yes, tops not really - I still fit into most of my old tops (but most of them are bigger and baggy anyway.

Sleep: Terrible night's sleep last night but generally pretty good.  My usual pattern is two "bad" nights (ie waking up more than twice) followed by one good night.

Pregnancy Perk: People helping me! The cashier at the supermarket was very helpful, and the lady I purchased M's anniversary present from carried it out to my car even though I insisted I'd be fine with it :P

Embarrassing Pregnant Moment:  None that I can think of!

Best Moment this week: No real "best" moments - just knowing it's not long till we get to meet you.

Baby Purchases this week: First Christmas outfit :D


Movement: Gives me a few good bashes every now and then but has definitely settled down into a pattern (although I'm still working out what that pattern is).

Food Cravings: Nothing really.

Food Aversions:  Still bacon!

How’s Mummy? Getting a little over being pregnant and just want to meet our little girl already - hoping you'll show up before your due date but who knows - just want it to be done!

How’s Daddy? Daddy's good, also getting anxious to meet you in person - he's so lovely, says "I love you" to both me and you when he leaves for work <3

What I am looking forward to: ARRIVAL DAY! 

Our Baby in Veggie/Fruit Terms: Baby is now the size of a watermelon, approximately 3.5 - 4kg and 50cm in length.

What Baby Peanut is up to: The last bits of vernix caseosa (the white goo keeping baby's skin moist) and lanugo (downy hair) are slowly shedding into your amniotic fluid. Baby's head is about the same circumference as her abdomen, and her head could be covered in an inch or so of hair.