Thursday, September 12, 2013

Update - September 2012

I completely forgot about this blog - sorry!

We've been on an interesting journey the past couple of months.  I returned to work in June, only to be laid off as a redundancy 4 working days later.  I was pretty disappointed after giving my employer 3.5 years of my dedication and loyalty, but now we're just cutting our losses and I'm continuing to look for part-time work elsewhere (and I've been applying for -everything- *sigh*.

Lily is now 9.5 months old, has 2-and-a-half teeth, is almost standing (with guidance, not support!), and I have no doubt that she'll be walking by the end of September.  We're still having issues overnight with her waking numerous times a night, but nothing we can't deal with I guess.  She's got curls coming through which, let's be honest, she was destined for anyway!  

Here's the munchkin and I at her Poppy John's birthday celebrations: