Monday, June 3, 2013

How Time Flies

Lily is now 6 months old (today she's exactly 27 weeks), and growing like an absolute weed.  I weighed and measured her this morning - she's over 10.5kg and is 75cm tall.

We today went shopping for more outfits for the monkey, since she's growing so fast - she was in 00s early, and is now almost fully grown out of them.  The poor thing has been wearing pants too short for her legs lol.
So her Nanny (my mum) and I took her out shopping to Target and she was spoilt rotten with a whole new wardrobe full of 0s and 1s - a lot of items to mix-n-match and create new outfits for the winter months.

Meanwhile I've been slowly packing away the stuff that no longer fits properly into boxes under her cot - we'll keep them in case the next one (no, not yet!) happens to be a girl - if it's not, then I'll donate them because I'm definitely not going to have more than two!

In other news, there is definitely a tooth on its way through - Lily's cutting her first tooth in the front on the bottom lefthand side.  I was so excited for her when I first saw it, and it's becoming more and more prominent all the time.  Can't wait till it finally actually pops through and we can take awfully cute photos of Mr. Toothie.

I think that's about all for now.  I'll edit this post if I think of anything else, or add another one.